Creating Memories

Creating Memories

Wow cannot believe that it is Thursday and I lasted posted a blog on Sunday.

So what has been happening-

I went to my boxing session on Monday and I love it, I keep saying this but I do I love it.

Tuesday I went to Samba Bootcamp it was great heaps of people turned up. Week one then I have 3 more lessons to go.

Wednesday I had my nieces stay over and what fun we have. We love to watch lots of DVD’s at the moment their favourite one is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.  I think that we watched it about 4 times they loved it. Pizza’s for dinner and then icecream for dessert they where so excited I loved it. I loved their excitement how they love to watch the DVD’s, then Thursday (today) this morning they did painting. Love that they can be creative and paint, laugh and watch TV.

Then to end the day of before they where picked up we where blowing bubbles. Just the most simple things that brought us lots of fun.

I love them to bits and now that they have left my house is very quiet, very quiet.


Bling Moment

What did you enjoy doing as a child, did you love playing a game, painting, drawing or chasing bubble. Explore that creative side and see what you discovered.


Loves and Hugsxx


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