The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend

We celebrated Australia Day on Saturday, the city of Perth put on an enourmous fireworks display, we decided to stay home and have a BBQ or as my sister said a lamb bbq. It was nice sitting outside talking chatting with friends. We also have a long weekend which means today Monday is a public holiday.

For me this week I will be returning to work after having holidays since the 19th December 2012. It was a great idea to have the break and not to do any extra work. I have had a great time of sorting things out and deciding what I need and what I don’t. It also has let me be creative and working on Princess Heart.

I have open mic this Wednesday at the Ledgends Bar in Applecross I am on at 7.30pm which is great. I will be doing some covers, hopefully I can find a guitarist so that I can do my originals.

I feel really passionate about speaking and singing this year, and I am praying for opportunities.

Today I am also finishing some assessments, bit of multi tasking.

Bling Moment

Enjoying the day being creative.


Loves and Hugsxx




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