Today my heart is full of Joy and I am embracing it. I feel so blessed where I live, the sky today was a magnificent blue and the sun shining proudly.  I had the day off and was able to achieve many of the things that I had to do.

It just made me reflect on how blessed I am.

Yesterday was Chaplain’s Sunday at one of the churches in the area where I work. We were asked to share about what we do and also what we needed prayer for.  The church we were at was very close to the fires in the area.

I met and talked with people who are so supportive of the Chaplain’s.

One beautiful lady I met said to go and have a look at two streets that where badly affected by the fires. I took her suggestion and drove down the streets, what I saw was so sad. There where houses that were burnt and now are just the shell of what that once were. Another house next door was saved. It was emotional looking at the devastation of what fire can do and I am really glad that I took her advice. My heart goes out to all who were affected by the fires.

So today I am reflecting on joy and wanting to capture it and to pass it on.

Loves and Hugs.xx



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