Day Nine #apriladventures2014

Day Nine #apriladventures2014




Today I arrived home safely.  Yeah!

I have two more days of school and then school holidays.

My first week is really booked up and the second week of school holidays I have time for creative adventures.

I am looking forward to just exploring more of writing, working on my blog, drawing, journaling, songwriting and finishing writing my two books.

I am enjoying blogging everyday and although it has been challenging, I somehow find the time to do it. That is why I wanted to participate in the March challenge, because it takes 30 days to create a habit.

Now I do look forward to writing. I know that I do need to work on my grammar and my spelling.  If I continue to keep on blogging I know that it will improve.

It also involves taking a risk with your creativity. Which can be scary but I think that if you keep on doing things you will become comfortable with how you create.

It is a bit like who you are, you have your own personality, strengths and gifts. They are yours, so be brave and see what happens, what it leads you too.

It’s exciting.

It’s an adventure.

It is yours.

You can make a difference.   

Start creating.




Loves and Hugs