Day Sixteen #apriladventures2014

Day Sixteen #apriladventures2014




I cannot believe that I am halfway through the month with my blogging. It has really challenged me to continue writing each day. I must say though I am enjoying it, I know that it is creating memories. I already have ideas for next month. Stay tuned for that one, I am looking forward to the next challenge.

Last night I attended my first Tuesday night of Samba lessons, I ended up doing two hours. I did the beginners class and then the intermediate class. The reason I did this was because I think that I would have gone home and then not attended the intermediate class. Whatever I need to do to get there then I will do it. Oh my gosh I love dancing and learning new things. I am really going to have to practise this week for next week.


Today I went to work as a fairy, I did really. I had the holiday program and the class was called- Once Upon a Time. It was about stories, songs, drawings and most of the children came dressed up. I had the 3 to 5 year olds again and they were such a lovely group. Some of them also dressed up as well and I received a few nice comments about my dress.

I love that I am able to share my joy and love of creativity with lovely children.



School Holiday project number four-

Once upon a time

This is a time to be able to read some stories to your children ones that they are interested in. You can also share your favourite childhood stories with them.

After you have read a story or 2 or 3 or as many as you like, then ask them to draw their own story.

This develops language, imagination, fine motor skills.

They are also spending valuable time with you which is really quite nice. You are also building memories for them.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.


Loves and Hugs