Embracing Creativity

Embracing Creativity


I am now on school holidays which are great.

It is a time to just slow down and to spend some time reflecting on what I am doing and what I need to put into place to reach my goals for this year.

My goals are always-

  • I want to make a difference and
  • I want to leave a legacy.

I am having a little staycation, where I have been spending some much needed time at home. I love it.

Today I just embraced the day. I have spent the day at home just being, not rushing around, and not having to be anywhere.

I spent some time creating making this sign which I love-


I have also gone back to having singing lessons which I love.

Today has been such a great time of embracing creativity and realising what I need to do.

I know that next term I will be attending boxing at least twice a week.

I will be teaching a dance class once a week.

I will be attending a Samba workshop.

I also want to be singing and songwriting.

I am also looking for a guitarist.

Now it is time to put all of the above into practise.

I am very excited and committed to making 2015 an exciting year full of possibilities.

How are your goals going?

What do you need to do?

Will share more soon.



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