Do you every have those moments and days when you feel unworthy? Where you feel like you have stuffed up and that you should just give up?

Have you ever felt that you have let yourself down?

This is how I have been feeling the last few days.

I am being very vulnerable here.

There are times in my life when I have not been happy at all with myself. There are times when I don’t like my behaviour.

I am finding out that I am very hard on myself.

The other night I went out and was enjoying myself way too much and probably drank a little more then I should have.  Yes there I said it. I don’t go out that much really.

I was enjoying myself.

Most people would go it’s okay, my lovely friend and mentor, said to me once that I need to let go sometimes. She would probably be laughing right now.

But for me I am mortified, I feel condemned, I feel at the moment that I am unworthy. Also I am thinking that I should never go out and have fun again.

Wow that is dramatic.

So what do you do when you are feeling down about yourself and having anxiety and catastrophizing about the event? What do you do with all the what ifs?

I think that we need to be gently on ourselves, forgive ourselves and learn from the experience.

We need to laugh we are human and we do crazy things.

We can talk to someone about it and if you need to seek professional help.

Nobody is perfect, I think that this is more from me.

We need to pray and then know that God has already forgiven us.


We just need to let go.

You are not unworthy you are worthy.