Is there something that you really want to do that you have been procrastinating over?

For me I have taken my time about writing up a speaking bio.  I don’t know why at all?

I met up with my friend and mentor a few months ago and worked on some goals and one of the goals was to write up my speaking bio.

I went away and started, I find it really hard to write about yourself and let people know what you are doing.

For me to have the opportunities to achieve my goal, I really needed to push through that.

I did, it was difficult and felt strange.

I went back and showed my friend and mentor. She went through it and edited it and helped me with it.

I went back home and worked on it again probably for a few weeks.

I don’t know why I am taking my time with it? I really don’t. I love speaking, I love meeting people and I really do want to make a difference.

I have really wanted to share my journey, my testimony and to speak at least once a month.

I find myself at the moment very tentative at sending out my speaking bio. It feels like the first time when I hand to publish my first post on my blog, scary but achieving a goal.

So for some accountability I am sharing this with you.

The speaking bio is ready to go and yes my plan is to send it out to a few church’s this weekend.

What is it that you find yourself procrastinating about?

So here I am cheering you on, let’s make a difference, let’s be bold, let’s just go for it.

Let’s be brave, let’s be bold and see what the next few months will bring.


Will share more soon.