Being Single

Being Single



I asked Santa for a boyfriend for Christmas and drum roll please …………………… I didn’t get one. Its okay, I am okay about it (for now).

But it has made me think about being single and being over 40.

I have been reflecting on being single for the last few months. I was talking to my friend and mentor and she said where are all the single Christian over 40’s men?

I replied I don’t know?

So it got me thinking where are all the single Christian men over 40, where are they?

My challenge for January 2016 is to go out more.

My challenge is to try new things.

My challenge is also to say yes to opportunities.

My challenge is also just to enjoy my life.

So I have taken one very scary step, mmmh maybe that is exaggerating let me start again. So I have joined an internet dating site for 3 months. I am just going to try it and to see what happens. (I am being vulnerable here once again).

I love my life, but what I would like now is to be able to share my life with someone.

So the new adventure begins.


I am going to be brave, I am going to take a deep breath and then I am going to see what happens.