How Are You Feeling?

How Are You Feeling?



I love that movie Inside Out and how it explains all the different emotion’s that we have.

I had my niece over the other day and we watched the movie together again. I loved her perspective about how we do need sadness to help us.

We need all of our emotions and they need to be expressed in a healthy way.

Life can get difficult and we can get busy and not look after ourselves emotionally.

Have you ever had those moments when someone has said something to you and it has made you either get angry or cry?

Have you ever had those times when you have just focused on what you need to do and stuffed down your emotions?


Sometimes I think that we all need to have a good cry.

I have read somewhere that crying is not a sign of weakness it means that you have been strong for a while.

I can relate to that.


Sometimes we also need to have a good laugh. I love those moments with friends when you have those moments when you laugh so much that it hurts.

I also love those moments when you are tired and everything just makes you laugh.

This time after Christmas and New Year can leave you feeling exhausted, excited, tired, fearful, happy, sad a bunch of mixed emotions.

How are you feeling?

Do you need to take some time for yourself, just to check how you are going?

Look after yourself, the year has just begun.


Will share more soon.




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