Write That Book

Write That Book



I love writing and I really love blogging.

Yesterday I went and visited a friend and we just chatted and shared what we wanted to do this year.

I had started a draft for a book that I want to write and it is still a work in progress.

The book that I am writing is about my journey with having an eating disorder. In the book I really want to focus on recovery. I know when I was going through it I really wanted to talk to someone that had recovered and see what their life was like without the illness.
I had read a few books when I was in the depth of the illness, they were good but they mainly focused on the illness and what that person did to keep it.

I really wanted to read a book about someone who had recovered and how they did it.

I know that everyone’s journey is different, but I think that what I was looking for was hope. I wanted to know that recovery was possible at a time when I couldn’t see it myself.


My friend had such a great idea about writing about it on the blog.  She suggested if I wrote once a week or once a fortnight then by the end of the year, I would have enough for the book.


That made it seems less daunting and it made it seem not as scary or overwhelming.

Now I just have to commit to it and I have to learn that being vulnerable is okay.

I knew that when I was going through the illness that I wanted to speak and write about my journey.

I know that 2016 is the year to pursue it.

So I am going to be brave, I am going to be vulnerable, I am going to take a deep breath and I am going to begin.


I want to make a difference.

Will share more soon.




5 thoughts on “Write That Book

  1. That so great, Tracey! I’m so proud of you for taking this step! It will be an amazing resource for people and give hope to many. xxx

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