The Adventure of Two Nieces and an Aunty

The Adventure of Two Nieces and an Aunty


Yesterday was the first day of the school holidays here in Western Australia. We have two weeks of holidays. Yeah!

I received a text from my sister in law yesterday asking if I was doing anything.

No I was just relaxing.

I found myself later that day picking up my two very excited nieces.

The sleepover adventure had begun.

The plan was to go to a shop to buy some art supplies and then to go food shopping to buy supplies for the night.

I love having my nieces over, love creating memories and laughing.

We have a movie marathon watching so many girly movies.


We have sung along to the songs in the movie, we have created in our journals.

Last night we ended up having chips for dinner and driving home was an another adventure. You see there was a storm arriving and as we were driving towards home lightening flashed across the skies and we all screamed. Yes, we arrived home safely, even though it was scary we couldn’t stop laughing.

Today has been another day of watching movies, having croissants for breakfast.



I love these times because I find myself just focusing on the moment not thinking about what I have to do later or what I have to do tomorrow.

I valued these days and I wouldn’t swap them for anything.


My 10-year-old niece says she likes getting dinner and having chicken gravy with it. Also singing along to the song from the movie Starstruck, Something about the Sunshine.

My 12-year-old niece says I liked painting my nails and watching movies like My Girl 2.

I am home now after dropping them back at their house.

As I look around my house I notice that it maybe a bit messier, there may be more dishes to be washed, there may be popcorn on the floor, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is also so very very quiet.

Creating memories is one of my goals for this year and I think that this weekend has been one of those amazing moments.









April Challenge 2016

April Challenge 2016




The other day I Skyped my friend and mentor about goals for the year.

I love it when you can talk to someone who lives a creative life and can challenge you to try new things.

My challenge for this year was to have new adventures.

It was also to have a some more fun in my life.

I am writing my book this year and it can be quite difficult reliving those moments.

My friend suggested balancing out the moments with having some fun as well.

Well I love challenges and trying new things, so the Year of Adventure Challenge begins.

My goal for April is to write every day of the school holidays.

It not just to write but to have those creative adventures and to write about them.


I am really looking forward to this.

Will share more soon.