Draw Near

Draw Near


John 4:1-26

I love the scripture from John 4:1-26 in the Bible, when the Samaritan Women Meets Her Messiah.

I would encourage you to read the scripture and meditate on it.

I imagine for the Samaritan Women it is probably an ordinary day in her life and she is going about her daily work. She makes her way to the well to gather water and who does she have an encounter with Jesus.


Jesus interrupts her day and has a conversation with her. He sees her as an individual, he doesn’t judge her circumstances he takes the time out to listen to her. Then he gives her wisdom.

In our busyness sometimes how many times in our lives have we prayed for Jesus to talk to us, how many times have we missed his words to us. How many times have we cried out to hear his beautiful word?

Be encouraged, Jesus wants to hear from you he wants to know what is on your heart. You are the daughter of a King. You are important to him.

As a Christian Woman we are all on a journey and that is exciting. Place your faith into Jesus hand, let him know what is on your heart. He longs to hear you; he wants to know how your day is.

What is it that he is asking you to do today?

Is he asking you to spend time with him?

Draw near.