Start That Blog

Start That Blog



When I was going through my illness I was seeing an amazing counsellor and I was discussing with her how I wanted to write. What I really wanted to do was to have a blog. She was so lovely and encouraged me to do this.

It took me a few years to really find out who I really was without my illness.

I asked myself these questions-

  • Did I have the skills?
  • Who was I really?
  • What did I want to write about?
  • I loved writing so why not write?
  • What was stopping me?

It then took me a bit longer to gather up the courage to actually write something. I had been working on my writing about my journey, I have a good friend and mentor who encouraged me and helped me with designing my blog.

I remember the first time that I had written something for my blog and then I had to press the publish button.

Oh my goodness the fear that I felt while I was thinking about should I press the publish button, or just leave it?

Then I just had a “Just Do It” moment and I published my blog.

I know that for me writing is part of my creative process and being a creative.

It helps me be in the moment, it encourages me and it is something that I need to do for myself.

Last month I thought that I would just step out of my comfort zone and write a devotional for a Christian Woman’s Devotional in America.

It is another goal that I had wanted to do for such a long time.

They had asked for writers to submit a devotional for their latest publication which was for April.

I chose one of their themes to write about which was, that we are not in competition with other women.

I prepared and wrote for the publication and then submitted it.

A few Fridays later I came home and I discovered that the publication was out. So I scrolled down and found that what I had submitted had been included.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you that I was so excited.

This is something that I had dreamed about for many years ago.

Be encouraged what is it that you have dreamt of doing?

What is stopping you?

Do you need someone to help or mentor you?

I am here cheering you on.

Will share more soon.