A Chaplain, Two Schools and No Voice

A Chaplain, Two Schools and No Voice


This morning I woke up and tried to talk and…..nothing.  I have no voice. Which for me and what I do is going to make for a very interesting day.

If you have been reading my blogs you will already know that I work as a primary school Chaplain. This week I have four days left of school with students and one day left for a Professional Development Day on Friday.

Today I am finishing up at two of my support schools and I really wanted to say goodbye to the students that I have been seeing over the past two years and the staff.

So, I made a decision that I would go into work. Yes, me and my very quiet as a mouse voice.

But you see I have no voice, I just have a whisper and I love to talk. I really do.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about titled No weapon formed against me shall prosper and I am claiming that scripture over my life today.

This is just a little interruption.

Well I have managed to go and see the students that I have been journeying with and have said goodbye to them. Yes, I will miss them but I know that there will be someone else to help them next year which is great.

Today has been interesting to say the lest, I have had to write on paper today, to ask students questions, which was quite funny. I had one students who said that they would be my translator.  They really are so helpful.

I have been whispering to people today and I notice that because all I can do is whisper that people are whispering back to me. Yes!

I am praying and hoping that my voice will make a return tomorrow. I really need it for the rest of the week.

Tonight, I will be resting.

Hope that your lead up to the holidays is going well.

Will hopefully chat tomorrow.




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