Words are Powerful

Words are Powerful



Daily Reading- Proverbs 18:21


Daily Devotional-

Words those little things that come out of your mouth.

They can be destructive or they can really be an encouragement to someone.

I found myself last week being a bit ungrateful, being negative. I found the words coming out of my mouth were not very positive. I actually didn’t like it at all.

I don’t know why this was happening? Maybe it could have been a few things that contributed to the situation.

One was that it was it was the end of the school term, it has been a busy full term. It could have been that I was unwell and just trying to end the term well. Maybe because I was just tired.

I have been reflecting on what I say to others.

In 2017 I want to be more intentional with my words, I want what I say to others to be edifying to be encouraging to build others up and not to tear them down.

I want to catch myself before I engage in gossip. I want to have the courage to walk away so that I am not tempted to be part of the conversation.

I want to think before I speak and take a moment to shape the words that I am saying.

I also want to be mindful how I speak to myself when I make a mistake. I can be quite hard on myself and focus on the one negative thing that has happened instead of focusing on all the other amazing experiences that have happened during the day.

Does that mean that I won’t make a mistake or speak negatively?


I also want to speak the truth and stand up for those with no voice. I have always wanted to and have stood in the gap for others. The other area that I am passionate about speaking up for is injustice.

It does mean that in 2017 I want to be part of the solution

I also want to be brave enough to speak life with my words.

So, today I am starting afresh.

What are your words saying to someone today?



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