Day Two #apriladventures2014

Day Two #apriladventures2014


An Adventure


Monday morning I came out to find that my front windscreen has a crack in it. On my day off, I have so much to do and I have to go out tonight. I felt a great sense of being overwhelmed, so after a call from my sister I had a plan worked out.



I phoned my insurance company, went to an appointment I had and then came home to wait for the windscreen place to call me. After that was all sorted I thought about how I was going to get to the place that I had to go that night. I really didn’t want to drive at night with my cracked windscreen.

My whole thinking was oh my gosh this has happened and now I can’t go out. I could of spiralled down that path and stayed at home, why not is was an over cast day.

But no!

I decided that this was going to be an adventure.  So I caught the bus into the city and went to the function. I had the best night and met some fantastic people and it was fun.

Then I was deciding how to get home I could get a bus or catch a taxi, I decided because it was late to catch a taxi.

I walked out of the function down the lane and out to the road. I crossed the road saw a taxi, so I put out my hand and the taxi stopped. Wow it was just like being in a movie. I arrived home safely and reflected on my whole day.

If I had let the cracked window drag me down, I would not have realised what I could do and how much fun that the whole day was.

So be encouraged turn opportunities into an adventure.


Loves and Hugs




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