Day Four #apriladventures2014

Day Four #apriladventures2014




I cannot believe that there is only one week left of the school term. It has been a really busy time with lots of great things happening.

I have been so blessed this term-

  • YouthCARE Conference
  • Being able to attend a workshop that I was hoping to get into
  • Spending time with other Chaplain’s at the conference
  • SPARC Gathering being able to network with other creative people
  • Blogging for the whole of March
  • Taking a photo in March everyday
  • Being able to speak at one of the church’s that supports YouthCARE
  • Catching up with lovely friends
  • Being able to celebrate family birthdays
  • Celebrating my Mum and Dad’s 40th anniversary
  • Helping out at one of the Schools Bush dance
  • Being able to attend the community sundowner at the other school I work in
  • Speaking at the school assemblies
  • Catching up with beautiful friends for coffee
  • Going back to Samba lessons
  • Being able to have my car serviced
  • Getting a new windscreen for my car after a crack in it





  • Going ice skating for the first time
  • Spending time with family

There are probably more things but these are the things that I can think of at the moment.

It hasn’t been all exciting and there have been some hard days. I am choosing to look back and look at the things that have blessed my life.

Be blessed.

Loves and Hugs




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