Day Twelve #apriladventures2014

Day Twelve #apriladventures2014




I love the weekend, a sleep in then my last Samba class on Saturdays. Loved it.


Today I caught up with my lovely friend. I love our friendship, it’s one of those very special friendships.


We don’t catch up for a while and then when we catch up, it’s like we just carry on from our last catch up. I love that about friendships.

Today we met up and chatted and chatted.

We had tea, coffee and chatted and chatted.




We encouraged each other, we just listened to each other, and we shared our dreams and goals.

Yes, it was a great day.


School Holiday project one-

Create Create Create

  • Save empty cereal boxes, or any type of boxes. Making sure that they are safe for children to use.
  • Go to the two dollar shop and buy age appropriate items. (make sure you read the age appropriate sign on the items you buy).
  • Set up a table outside in the shade or inside.
  • Cover the table with newspaper.
  • Place all the containers and items on the table.

Let your child/children create,  this will encourage their imagination, their problem solving skills, their fine motor skills and their language development. If you have more than one child then they can learn about sharing and co-operation.

Make sure that you are supervising them.

Most of all have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will talk to you tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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