Day One #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day One #makingadifferenceinmay2014


Making a Difference in May


I find myself now in another Month with another 31 days of blogging.


I am really looking forward to this month.


As you know from my past blogs I want to make a difference, I want to make an impact in the community to meet the needs with the gifts and strengths I have.


I want to leave a legacy. Wow!


Some of my ideas for making a difference in May are-

  • Working on my book 365 days
  • Blogging every single day of May
  • Working through Beth Moore’s book- Whispers of Hope
  • Teaching Zumba®- learning new routines
  • Writing letters to my sponsor child who is in the Philippines
  • The A21 Campaign- getting involved
  • Setting up a support group for people who are recovering from an Eating Disorder
  • Writing two songs
  • Being able to speak and share my testimony
  • Working on Life and the Single Christian Girl






I also want to continue to make a difference where I work as well.


I am thinking that this may sound a bit ambitious.


The list looks huge and that’s okay.


It is good to have a plan.


Stay in contact to see how Making a Difference in May will go.


I am really excited about this new month.


I love a challenge and am prepared to do the very best that I can do.



What will your May Challenge be?


How will you make a difference where you are?


It can be just a smile to someone or a kind word spoken at just the right time.


Look after yourself as well.


Loves and Hugs