Day Eleven #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day Eleven #makingadifferenceinmay2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………….


Today in Australia we are celebrating Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day, to my Mum and to all the other Mums.


We celebrated Mother’s day by visiting my Mum and then we all went to a café to have coffee, tea and snacks.





This morning I also went to church and I am attending a new church which I love.


The message was great about solving conflict, effectively.

Something that I think we all need a little help with.



This morning I was so caught up in Worship, I could have stayed in this attitude for a while. It was peaceful and calm. Love to worship.





So now I am home and reflecting on the weekend. I love the weekend. There was a time where I worked every Saturday night for about 10 years. Now I think what was that about? No wonder I am single. Only joking really.


So now you can see why I love my weekends. I am making up for lost time.


I really enjoyed making the crown for my niece yesterday. It’s the little things that can bring you so much joy. I love seeing the joy when you hand make something for someone. Made with love.xx  A new idea has been created.


I might have to start my own crown making business. Mmmhhhhhhhh!  I already have three orders. Family……….


Just some random thoughts for today.


Just keep writing, just keep writing, just keep writing…………………





Loves and Hugs