Day Seventeen #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day Seventeen #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Life and the Single Christian Girl……………….


God’s resources are unlimited.



I have found myself thinking about things that I want to do and I feel that I am limiting myself.

I am limiting myself with want God wants to do in my life.


Financially at the moment it feels impossible, I know that nothing, nothing is impossible with God.


He will make the way.




I just need to trust have patience and faith.


I have an Adventure List of lots of dreams, ideas and hopes.






They are the desires of my heart.


My Adventure List includes-

  • Buying a house
  • To Go Skydiving
  • To see snow
  • To go  snow skiing
  • To complete a Bachelor of Counselling course, to become a Counsellor
  • The Princess Heart Journey
  • To record the Princess Heart Journey CD
  • Publish Princess Heart Journey Book
  • Publish Princess Heart Journey Journal
  • Film a video of a song that I have written
  • Princess Heart Mentoring Program
  • To continue Blogging
  • Go on a date
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Travel, Paris, Italy, London, America, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore and other countries
  • Attend a Samba class in Brazil
  • Dance in a Samba Performance Team
  • Develop Eating Disorder Support Group Perth
  • Keep writing more songs
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Visit my friends in Melbourne
  • Go to SPARC Conference
  • Go Horseriding
  • Go back to boxing classes
  • To be able to visit my sponsor child in the Philippines
  • To go an visit some more orphanages



The goal and dream I would love to achieve is to be able to go around the world speaking, singing and sharing my testimony.


That would be amazing.

This list is not finished yet, I am sure that I will add more adventures to it.

This is exciting and I cannot wait to see what I can achieve in the next six months.






Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs