Day Fifteen #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day Fifteen #makingadifferenceinmay2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………….


The other night I spoke about how God is restoring my life to a lovely group of women.


I shared this scripture as well which I love-

Ephesians 3:20

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.


There where so many years where I just drifted along in life and following what others wanted me to do.


I didn’t really know myself and want I wanted to do.




Now that I have had a change in jobs and I am now a Chaplain things have changed.


I didn’t really realise until I was talking to a friend about all the opportunities and experiences that I have had since leaving my last job and becoming a Chaplain.

In the last 2 and a half years I have learnt so much and I want to live a full and abundant life.




I have also met the most amazing people.


I am also able to use all that I have experienced and have learnt in the years that I have been caring for children.

I am also on a mission to share Princess Heart Journey, which is my passion to making a difference.


I have been stepping out lately and sharing what I am doing with Princess Heart Journey.


I have written a song about my experience and now I am available to speak and share with women and girls about my journey.




I feel that now I also want women and girls to find their identity in God and how important that is.


It takes courage to step out but I know that I am not doing this alone.


I am also looking at setting up an Eating Disorder Support Group in Perth. So I am working on a few projects which is great.


I am really excited to see what happens this year.




What has God placed in your heart that he what’s you to do?


You may be already doing it?


Who can you mentor who can you help?


Your experience your life is your legacy.


Who will you be passing that onto?


Who can you encourage, who can you journey with?



Let me know how you go.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs