2nd July Life and the Single Christian Girl

2nd July Life and the Single Christian Girl


2nd July 2014

Life and the Single Christian Girl……….


I am enjoying my week, such variety and the chance to meet and network with amazing people.


Today I find myself attending day one of training for Seasons of Growth which helps children with grief and loss.


It has been a really full day but that is okay.


We were so spoilt with the food, fresh made scones and beautiful pumpkin soup and bread for lunch.  We also had a fresh fruit platter and if you wanted to chocolates and lollies.  Oh yes and also coffee.


Tomorrow I have the second day of training. It has been really nice meeting people from other schools and hearing about their roles.


Friday I will be back at my school and it is the last day of term two.  I just cannot believe that term two is nearly finished, it has been a jam packed term.


So for me you might be thinking okay now she is on holidays? No.


I am working at a holiday program. So tonight, tomorrow night and the weekend I will be preparing for the activities.


I don’t mind the preparation it’s really is quite fun.


I will have my sleep in though, I have just discovered that holidays are great. I think of all the times in my last job that I wouldn’t take holidays because I didn’t need them. Now I know that they are important.


Holidays provide you with the chance to reflect on the last term, also to set some goals for the next term.


I am sure that the students are looking forward to their holidays.


What do you like to do when you are on holidays?


Will share more tomorrow.





Loves and Hugs