8th July 2014 Life and the Single Christian Girl

8th July 2014 Life and the Single Christian Girl

8th July 2014

Life and the Single Christian Girl………..

I found it so hard to get up this morning. I could have slept in, I think because it was of the how the weather was.

Today was the second day of the holiday progam and it was so much fun.

This morning I had a clay and playdough session. It was so much fun and the children where amazing. I love their imagination and how pleased they were about what they had created.



In the afternoon I had canvass art and the children drew with textas on a canvas and then they used edicol dye to wash over their pictures.

I really enjoy the creative activities that I am able to do.

So now I am home feeling a little bit exhausted but it is all good.

I am so looking forward to having a sleep in soon, very soon cannot wait.

I am also looking forward to organising my house and especially working on an office area and continuing with the craft area. It is getting there, I just need to be patient and pace myself.

I do really just need to work on things one day at a time and to see what I am able to achieve during the holidays.

Also I need to be a bit realistic.

I am really enjoying the time to be creative and to share creativity with others.

It is so exciting and I am passionate about others developing their own style.

Will share more tomorrow.

Loves and Hugs