Going Through Storms

Going Through Storms



We all have those seasons in life where things just happen.

Where days are just not how we planned for them to be.

We all go through storms in our lives.

How do we keep going through life when we are pulled in different directions?

How do we stand strong in the midst of challenges?

Sometimes it is difficult and we don’t know what to do.

Sometimes we can see others going through difficult times and we just can’t find the right words to say.

We all deal with things differently. We all take time to process issues that we have been through.

Even though we may be crumbling in the inside we somehow manage to stand strong on the outside.

I don’t know what your journey is or what you have been through lately, I hope and pray that you have someone to talk too. I hope that you have someone to share your journey.

We all need to be heard, we all need to be accepted where we are and loved through the storms in our lives.

Those unexpected interruptions happen in our lives.

In the last few months I have had some unexpected interruptions in my life. My first one was a health interruption.

Last week I was involved in a car accident where someone ran into my car at the lights. Now I could be bitter and just hide away from the world. I did have that though, but I have chosen to stand strong.

It is also important to have friends that you can just be yourself with, friends that can encourage you and help you through the storms.

It may be that you seek professional help to guide you through the storms of life.

It is really important that you look after yourself at this time.

What can you do today to do something nice for yourself?

Will share more soon.




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