Day Six apriladventures2014

Day Six apriladventures2014


Sunday Adventures


Today I had a day out with my sister.

Our adventure started when we caught the bus into the city. We walked around the city, soaked in the atmosphere and did some shopping.

We then went and had lunch at an Irish Pub and the food was delicious then it was time for us to go to Perth Arena. This was my first time of attending the Perth Arena and to see a show. The Perth Arena is amazing and inside it was pretty impressive.



We had great seats and really enjoyed the show that we went to see.



It’s great to have a day out in Perth and just to see how much is going on. It was quite busy.

I have had a really great weekend and have loved spending the time with my sister.

I really enjoy the time that we spend together.


We caught the train home and then my brother in law picked us up.


It was a great fun day with a hint of adventure.

We are home now relaxing and reflecting on the day that we had.

How do you spend your weekends?


Loves and Hugs



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