Day Twenty #apriladventures2014

Day Twenty #apriladventures2014


Easter Sunday


This weekend I have been very blessed spending time with my family and my nieces and nephew. I also love spending time with my sister.

Then today we went out to lunch with friends I love catching up and hearing about what everyone is up too. There are always lots of changes happening that we need to catch up on, some milestone birthdays are happening this year and also discussing where we are holidaying. 

I have included today pictures of people and things that I love.







I am also excited that I am redecorating my house I have been on Pinterst which I love that website. It has lots of great ideas about basically everything that you are interested in. So for me at the moment I want to redecorate my place. I need some more space for all my create items. This morning I went through my creative items and I do have a lot.


I think that maybe a trip to IKEA is the answer to my storage problems. Decorating your house and making it your own is being creative. Your house is a signature of who you are. It is your personal touch and I love that.


Loves and Hugs




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