Day Twenty Three #apriladventures2014

Day Twenty Three #apriladventures2014


Creating Memories


The Life of the Single Christian Girl continues……………..


Today I had such a lovely time.


This morning I had a friend come over and it was so great to see her. I loved chatting with her and catching up with her journey.

Then I had the pleasure of taking my two nieces to IKEA and what an adventure we had.

Usually when I am driving anywhere it is just me and I listen to worship music and sing along.


Today was different with my nieces in the back seat. There was lots of laughing, singing songs from Frozen and High School Musical. There was also a game of I spy and just lots of happy noise.


I love to listen to them and hear how they are going at school.

When we go to IKEA we always have something to eat first and I must say I love the IKEA restaurant. They each had their own tray and finally decided on what they would have for afternoon tea.

After having food for our IKEA adventure we then went shopping.

We all had our IKEA wish list, a pencil and a tape measure. Then the fun begins.

We tried out tables, chairs, we looked in cupboards, we sat down at dining tables and we enjoyed ourselves.




I love going out with my nieces they make me laugh and bring me such joy. They have great imaginations, which I love.




We finally brought some things and I also brought them something which they picked themselves.

We were probably there for about 2 and a bit hours.




On the way home well what can I say?

I gave them my camera and they decided to make videos and interview each other.


One of my nieces loves cupcake wars which is a program on Foxtel. Oh my goodness I have just watched the video she took and she is speaking with an American accent. I couldn’t stop laughing she sounded exactly like someone on the show.


I love taking the girls out as this is creating memories.

They make my heart sing.


More adventures tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





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