Day Twenty Nine #apriladventures2014

Day Twenty Nine #apriladventures2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


I have found myself nearly at the end of another month and tomorrow I will have blogged for two months. 






When I first started this challenge in March I never imagined that I would still be blogging everyday.


I have really enjoyed it and it has expanded my creativity.


I feel quite excited to write, now I have the need the urge the desire to write.


I am also learning about spelling and grammar. I might not get it right all the time, I am just having a go.


I am learning as I go.


It reminds me of a saying you don’t have to have everything perfect to start something.


Start something now.


Two new ideas have happened out of writing everyday they are two new projects for me to work on or they could be a title of a book, or a workshop or a talk.


One is #spacetocreate all about making time to create original art. Taking the time to look around me and taking in my surroundings and seeing what I can create.


The other project that I have is the title Life and the Single Christian Girl, which is all about my life and what I am doing while I wait for the husband that I have been praying for.



Life is definitely not boring, it’s an adventure and I want to embrace the day with all I have.


I want each day to have a great memory.


I also want to take time out each day to make a difference.


It might be a smile to someone, It may be asking someone how they are or just sitting and listening to someone. 

I really want to give that person my full attention.


Just sitting and really listening to someone




I hope that when I make a difference that I can do it well, with integrity and to be authentic.




So how are you?


How was your day?



Do you have a highlight for the day?


Send me a message about how you are going. I would love to hear from you.


Will talk to you tomorrow.




Loves and Hugs




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