Day Fourteen #makingadifferenceinmay2014

Day Fourteen #makingadifferenceinmay2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


This is taken from my book Princess Heart Journey which I am still working on. My book is a work in progress and after last night I feel that I need to place a timeline on when the book needs to be finished.

I would like it to be released in September this year.

Ooohhh that sounds a bit of a big step and I am up for it now. I love a challenge.


One day I was just so angry about my illness and what I had gone through that I decided to write about what it had done to me.





(It does not deserve a name)

It has stolen years from me

It has kept me isolated

It was my best friend

It controlled me

It took away my dreams, hopes and desires.

It kept me small

It made me frail

It turned my bones into chalk

It bullied me

It gave me no direction

It controlled me

It became all I’ve known

It kept me weak

It left me frail

It was dark, ugly and deceiving

It did not have my best interest for me

It was loud

It left me empty

It left me broken

It made me feel invisible

It scared me

It was not my best friend.


Imagine having a friend like that.



I remember that when I had finished writing IT I felt better it was like I had released it and now it had no control over me.


I want to make a difference and I hope through sharing my testimony and writing about it that I can help people realise that there is hope.

That there is restoration and that there is a full and abundant life for them to live. Yes you do have a future and it is to be enjoyed.


I will be sharing more from my book in the next few weeks.




Hope that you are encouraged and inspired.




Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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