25th July 2014 Life and the Single Christian Girl

25th July 2014 Life and the Single Christian Girl

25th July 2014

Life and the Single Christian Girl……….

I just love this quote.
Just because a person smiles all the time doesn’t mean their life is perfect that smile is a symbol of hope and strength.

I was talking today with some friends about how all your experiences in life can either make you bitter or better.

Things happen in our lives and I really don’t know why, but I do believe that your past does not have to be your future.

That everything you that has happened to you, you can use to help others.

I really believe that this helps develop empathy towards others.

With my experience with an Eating Disorder I am able to understand people who are trying to recover. I also understand how people are feeling when they have and Eating Disorder.
I am passionate about helping others realise that there is hope and that there is recovery.

I had amazing people journey with me and now I am able to give back. I want to give back and I want to make a difference.

I know that life without and Eating Disorder is totally different then having an Eating Disorder.

I am now free truly free and now living my life so differently.

Can I encourage you that if you are struggling with an Eating Disorder to find someone that you can talk to. Find someone who is a safe person and you can trust.

There are people out there that really want to help you.

Believe me there are.

Please seek professional help.

Will share more tomorrow.

Loves and Hugs



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