A Girl, A Workshop and a Car Crash

A Girl, A Workshop and a Car Crash



Today was the first day of the school holidays and I have enrolled in three Professional Development Workshops.

I love my job and what I get to do and through the company where I work they are offering training for us.

I must say that I love training & learning and I never want to stop learning.

Today was the first day of a two-day workshop for Protective Behaviours. It is really nice to meet other Chaplains and to hear what they are doing in their schools.

I also love it that lunch is provided and it is really nice.

Driving home today as I stopped at the lights a van just ran into my car. Oh my goodness, I really need to sell this car.

The car crash just brought back so many memories of when I was involved in a car crash as a passenger in 2004.

I am a bit sore from the crash today my shoulders are sore, my neck and my back.

I am just hoping that it will all settle down.

I am so blessed that I know a great panel beater which I will need to go and see tomorrow.

So my thought for today is that I am okay and it is only a car that can be fixed (as will be sold very soon).

I may have to wait a little while to go back to boxing, but I will see how I go.

I may be inconvenienced by having to put my car into being repaired.

I know that everything will be okay and everything will work out okay.

Will share more soon.



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