Be Creative

Be Creative



Sometimes in my busyness of work and life I forget how much it means to me to be creative.

We can forget to do something that feeds us, that encourages us, that inspires us and that refuels us to carry on.

I don’t know what it is for you but for me, it is being creative.

Being Creative is really important for me and for my journey.

I have made a decision this year that I will go back to journaling in a notebook. A bit old school with a pen and paper and I love it.

I have discovered that I have heaps of notebooks at my house that I have brought over the last months or years. I think that I have kept them for a special time, I have realised that every day is a special day, a special time to use them.

Post it notes Journal Ideas

When I come home now I take the time to gather up, my notebooks, pens, gel pens, sticker, washi tape, bling, post it notes and whatever else that inspires me for that day.

Then I just take the time and write down how I am feeling, what I have been doing that day and also I will write down my prayers.

Ideas for Your Journal

I have started this at the beginning of the year and am now up to my third note book.

It just helps me to be right in the moment.

It helps me to slow down.

What is something that you can do today that will encourage you and that will inspire you?


Love to Journal



Will share more soon.




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