Day Seventeen #apriladventures2014

Day Seventeen #apriladventures2014




I will have to say that this week has been an adventure.

I have had the holiday program which has just been amazing. I have really enjoyed the 3 to 5 year olds, they make me laugh and are very caring. One of them even painted me a beautiful picture and brought it in for me.

Feeling so blessed at the moment.

Today the activity was called Shining Stars which is all about drama, making props, designing backgrounds and learning about how to move in different way. We even tried to float around like bubbles while I was blowing bubbles for them.

They designed amazing backgrounds for their play and I have some pictures of their work. They really enjoyed designing them and they worked for quite a while on them.






We then all sat down as a whole group then each group came up and explained their background. Oh the details. They all spoke about what they had drawn, they had put so much thought into them. A squiggled line was a footprint, I love their imagination.

Then it was time for the play and didn’t they shine.

Each child then received a silver shining star that has written on the back- This Shining Star is Awarded to ………………. (their name is added).

They each came up in front of the group and shook my hand and where given their stars. Then everyone gave them a big round of applause. I was very surprised that all of the children new how to shake hands. Their faces when they were presented their stars where so delightful.


Today was my last day at the holiday program.

I am sure that I will attend the next lot of holidays.


School Holiday Project-

If you have children at home this school holidays then how about letting them create their own play. Sell tickets to your friends, set up the audience area with chairs. Use objects around your home for props depending on the play that you are doing. Let them come up with the idea of their play and just go with it (as long as it is safe) they will enjoy it a whole lot more if it is their idea. 

If you have younger children 3 to 8 year olds then you will need to supervise them.

Older children may like to write out their play and then rehearse and have the play on a particular day.

Most of all enjoy the whole experience.


Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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