Day One June

Day One June


Life and the Single Christian Girl……….


It is the first day of winter today.


It was a cold morning, I think that I am going to have to get my onesie on.


I have also blogged every day for the past three months.




I am really enjoying this, thanks to my creative friend for creating the March challenge.

Then I was encouraged to keep on blogging.


What has come out of it is, has been a great creative experience.


I have developed #spacetocreate which is all about creating my own art.




Also I have created the title Life and the Single Christian Girl which is all about me living my life as best as I can.


I am hoping and praying that the title Life and the Single Christian Girl will soon become Life and the Engaged Christian Girl and then later will become Life and the Married Christian Girl.



There is hope. I will not give up.


Nothing is impossible with God, nothing.


I am sure that they will be other creative ideas to discover and I cannot wait to see what they will be.




I had a fantastic time last night and it has really motivated me to continue to do what I love doing.


I love connecting with people who are making a difference in what they are doing.




This has inspired me to keep on speaking, singing, songwriting, writing and generally being creative.


I also want to continue to help girls and women who are going through an eating disorder.



This morning I was so blessed to be in church and I love the worship there. The worship is amazing.


Tomorrow is the start of the blogging 101 Challenge.


I am not sure what is going to happen, it will be a great adventure.


Will share tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs