Day Nine #writingchallenge101

Day Nine #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………….


I have another day off from the writing challenge.


Today has been a really nice day.


I had been thinking about how much my life has changed since I left my place of work which I worked at for over 14 years. I left in December 2010.


I then took some time off, went to Colour Conference and then went to Bali on an Impact Trip.


Then in October 2011 I started working as a Chaplain.


I was also thinking that this time 7 years ago I was in hospital.  I was battling with an illness that I did not choose to have. No one would choose to have it.


Also I was deciding that this time I really needed to choose to fight to live.



Everyday for the whole of about the first three months was a struggle and a challenge.

Having to place the care of my life into someone else’s hand was a challenge.

Knowing that I was not a Doctor and having to trust my Doctor was a challenge.


Coming out of hospital was a challenge in itself.


There is no way that I would ever want to go through this again.

I couldn’t, I would not have the energy to go through it again.


Through challenges we find out who we are, who we really are.


Going through a major life changing challenge changes you.


You know that if you can get your life back then other things that cross your path, you have faith that you can get through them.

You have to tools and the skills to get through things.


You also are equipped to help others who are going through something similar.


Seeing how God has worked his way through this time in my life has amazed me.  He is a God of miracles.





Today I phoned a friend who knows my story and she inspires me with what she is doing. She also encourages me to have a go at things. I am so grateful for her input in my life.


I don’t think that I would every have the right words to let her know how much I value her.


When I finished the phone call, I felt inspired, I felt compelled to keep going on this journey. I felt compelled to keep building new experiences to keep learning, to dream dreams and to dream big dreams.


Looking back over the last 7 years of my life I am so blessed.


I am thankful for every single day that I am able to wake up and enjoy the day fully.

I am thankful for the experiences that I am able to have.




I hope that this encourages you.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs