Day Twenty Seven #writingchallenge101

Day Twenty Seven #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…….


Oh my goodness I think that I really good laugh is what you need somedays.

Today after work I stayed and chatted with the staff.

There is always a funny story of some sort and I think that it really helps relieve anything that has happened during the week.


So tonight I laughed so much that my stomach was really sore, I couldn’t stop. As I got into my car I was still laughing.


A good laugh is really what I needed.


So now I am home and will have to go over my first aid information for tomorrow.

I have a full day of first aid which is great.


I am really thinking about going over and helping disadvantaged children in the world. I have had a desire in my heart for a while that I would like to do another impact trip.

I think that I would like to help out in the way of performing arts or just journeying with the children at the staff.


I have been thinking back when I went on the Bali impact trip in 2011. I loved it.

I went over there thinking that I was going to help them, somehow the children and the staff at the orphanages really encouraged me.


 zumba bali



I loved the staff’s care and love for the children that they were looking after. I know that they do an amazing work there. They are with the children 24/7 and they really care about the children as if they were their own.


I remember asking one of the carer’s of the children what do you need her answer was something for the children. They I said again to her what do you need, I want to help you.

She ended up with some persuading to say that she would like some clothes.




As I write this I think about the many wonderful memories of the children and the staff that I met.


Wanting to make a difference.


Wanting to leave a legacy.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs