Day Twenty Nine #writingchallenge101

Day Twenty Nine #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


I think that the week has caught up with me.


I slept in this morning which was really nice especially because it was cold.


Last night was lovely catching up with my sister, my brother in law an d his Mum. I loved having a beautifully cooked dinner, a lovely dessert and some wine. We shared our week, we laughed and had a great time.


Now I am feeling a bit exhausted although I am ready for another fully packed week.


I love how my weeks are never the same. I love the variety, the people that I am able to meet and just being able to experience different things.


I am glad that I have completed my first aid course, this was on my list of things to do.




I have one week left of school and then I have two weeks of school holidays.

I am working at a holiday program for the first three days of the holidays. I am planning the program at the moment which I really enjoy. I also love buying all the items that I need and finding little treasures hidden in a shop. It fuels that creative part in me.


The rest of the holidays I will be catching up with friends.


I also want to be able to have some creative adventures.



house decorating15


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs