Day Nineteen #writingchallenge101

Day Nineteen #writingchallenge101

Life and the Single Christian Girl………


Today I have been thinking about how I think.




I am thinking about how your thoughts can shape your life.


What you think about can change your life.

What you think about can change the direction of your life.

Where are you heading?


If you think negatively then your life may be negative.


Have you ever been around people that drag others down, that talk about others behind their back? This can if you let it change how you think and you can easily get caught up in in agreeing with them. You will walk away not feeling happy or inspired.


Negativity = Negativity


But what about if you changed your thinking to align with what God says about you.


What if you looked and could see your future changing for the better, to see yourself reaching your dreams.


Athletes when they are training imagine themselves in the race they go through the whole race in their mind. They also put in heaps of practise and dedication.


They have a goal and they go for it.


I know that lately that my vision has been in tunnel vision.

It’s like I am forgetting about the great things that are ahead for me.


I need to dream big, write the vision and make it clear.


What is it that you want to achieve?

What is it that has distracted you from it?


I know for myself that there is so much that I still want to do.




I would like to travel more, to study, to be able to speak more, to share my testimony, to make a difference and to be an advocate.

I have other dreams that I want to achieve.


Dream big!




So today I am reminding myself to dream big, to think more outside of the box, to go for things that I enjoy doing. I also want to enlarge my vision for myself.

I also am deciding to enjoy life and to bring joy to others and to leave a legacy.


Be encouraged, be inspired, be creative, be the answer for someone.




Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs