Day Twelve #writingchallenge101

Day Twelve #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl……..


Today my thoughts are on bucket filling.



I am not talking about filling any bucket, I am talking about your own.


It is building up your self-worth and your identity.


It is also knowing that you are important.


Yes you are!


We talk about it with our students about filling their bucket.

Encouraging them, helping them to achieve their goals and believing in them.


Why is it that we forget to fill our own bucket as adults?


I know that especially for Mothers their needs seem to be last on the list. They put everyone before them.


Break out and do something nice for yourself.


Yes, break out!


Take the time to do something nice for yourself.


I was saying to someone today, that when you are giving to others that you need to make sure that you have enough to give.


It’s healthy to take time out for yourself, to find something that feeds you that nurtures you that encourages you and can inspire you.


Let me be out there and say don’t feel guilty.



You will be a healthier person who is then able to give back to others.


I think also that we need to encourage each other.


I think that sometimes people think that they are not being noticed in what they are doing.


You are noticed, you are loved.


Even if you feel that you are not being acknowledged in what you are doing.

Have a look at all the great things that you have achieved along the way.

Go back and if you need to write it down in a book, to remember that you have made a difference.


Don’t let others squash your passion.

Stand firm and have a go.

Stand firm and keep going.


When I have days where I am feeling low, I have a box that I have saved all the encouraging letters, pictures and other items that will remind me of what I have achieved.


gift boxes 109


This just reminds me that yes I have made a difference to someone.


Why don’t you buy a beautiful box and then collect all the lovely things that make you feel happy, that make you feel encouraged, and that make you can remember that you have made a difference.


Today be encouraged, you are amazing, you make a difference.


I want to encourage you.


Will share more tomorrow.



Loves and Hugs