Day Five #writingchallenge101

Day Five #writingchallenge101

Life and the Single Christian Girl…………………………

Topic Today: Three Songs that are Significant to You and then to Write for 15Minutes without Stopping


My topic for today is three songs that are significant to me.


That is so hard because I love lots of songs for different reasons.

I think that I have songs for different seasons as well.


My songs that I love at the moment are-

  • Oceans by Hillsong.  I just love the passion and what it stands for.
  • You’ll Come by Hillsong as well. I love the acoustic version. I have been listening to this as I drive to and from work.
  • I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. This song is about Jesus and what you would do if you met him.




I find these songs inspiring and I love singing them.

I always practise my singing on the drive to and from work. It is my practise session.


Now the next part of the challenge is to write for 15 minutes without stopping or editing.


So here goes…………….


I have had another amazing day.


After school we have a Drama Club that is really enjoying.

We are doing a few plays and I am able to help the teacher that is taking it.

As you know I love learning things and I love Drama.

I love the opportunities that the students are able to have.

Drama allows you to express your emotions on a platform that is in a good way.

I was thinking that maybe I could look into attending a drama course but then I have to remember that I have other projects that I need to complete before I start anything new.


I am really looking forward to singing more worship songs I just love them.


I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am speaking at EGY Youth next Friday night and will need to work on my talk.


I love the opportunities that I am able to do.

I also need to read my first aid manual as I am doing a refresher course in that.  Really looking forward to that.


I am also looking forward to going to SPARC conference in August which is not that far away.


It will be great to network with other creative chrisitans.


Writing for 15 minutes is really good practise, it helps just free up your writing.


I am really enjoying these challenges. There are quite a few people participating in this one which is really good.


I love learning I think that I will always be learning.


It’s really exciting and keeps you quite busy.


Tomorrow is Friday and yes my day already looks busy, it’s all good though.

I do love what I am able to do each day. It’s such a privilege.


I feel so blessed at the moment.

Tonight I will be watching MasterChief I love that show at the moment. There are people that are really passionate about their dream and I love how they go after it.

Taking a step out of their comfort zone. I as admire them.


Looking forward to what the new topic will be tomorrow it is such an adventure.

It is really going with the flow.

I think that I am now a spontaneous person who loves the diversity of my day.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs