Day Six #marchchallenge2014

Day Six #marchchallenge2014





I live near the city and I work up in the beautiful hills of Perth. It’s not really that far to drive probably about 40 minutes.

I don’t mind the drive it’s quite nice. I use this time to listen to music, to practise my singing, I listen to Zumba music so I can learn the songs. I also will listen to teaching messages.

I could drive to work and home feeling stressed in the traffic but I have decided to use the drive as something that motivates me. I choose to enjoy the drive and use it wisely.

Although sometimes there are those days like this morning where I thought I was going to be late to work. The traffic was backed up and we were only inching a little bit. It ended up being a truck that had broken down. I managed to arrive at work just on time. Which was such a relief because I like to be on time.

Adventures in driving will be continued………


Loves and Hugs