Day Nineteen #marchchallenge2014

Day Nineteen #marchchallenge2014





Today was the last day of our Chaplain’s Conference and it has been a great three days. Tomorrow and Friday I have two days extra of training. Which I am so blessed that I am able to attend.

I have been thinking about the conference, so I thought that I would reflect on how it has been such a blessing and the new projects that I would like to develop.

It had me thinking about being blessed and how I was blessed at the Conference.

I was blessed-

  • Remembering that God is in control
  • Worship and how much I love worshipping
  • Love singing and want to do more
  • To be able to work a for a place that provides a conference with great speakers and food
  • A time to reflect
  • A time to catch up with other Chaplains
  • A time to relax and just chill
  • Great electives and passionate facilitators
  • Cluster time with other Chaplains
  • A great resources Expo
  • Just the right balance to the day, electives and time to catch up
  • See people who I attending my training with
  •  Having people passionate and having the vision for the conference.

It has been a time of refreshing, lots of chatting and laughing.

I have also been encouraged to work on Princess Heart Project and to step out in faith.

Loves and Hugs