Day Thirteen #marchchallenge2014

Day Thirteen #marchchallenge2014

A Breakthrough




On Tuesday I had a breakthrough with my writing.


I finally allowed myself to really connect with the subject that I wrote about. I did notice and feel that I when I write about something that I am passionate about it feels different. It had more energy even though I was not sure whether to place what I wrote about on my blog. I did  though and now I am glad that I was brave enough to hit the post button.

I did ask a friend of mine to check my blog and what I had posted. I thought it was a bit too full on. Her advice was to write more like that. (Thankyou)

It is scary when you put your thoughts out there.

I have really loved being able to be involved in the #marchchallenge2014 it has pushed me out of my comfort zone of what I write about.

It has made me look around and focus on things that I would normally miss during my day.

It has allowed me to be creative and to explore more of the creative arts.


What are you passionate about?


What is it that you would like to do that is creative?


Will talk to you tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs