Day Eleven #marchchallenge2014

Day Eleven #marchchallenge2014




Today I was invited to go the Leadership Conference with the Prefects at one of the schools I am at.

The day started out using public transport to the conference where I witnessed an act, I am going to call as cowardly.

Let me just say being in a group and picking on one person does not make you tough. Doing it in front of adults and primary students does not make you a hero. Getting your friends to hold your bag, and then your friends having their phones ready to video your attack on the one person does not make you someone who people would like to follow. Making threats to one individual does not make you a leader. You are the exact opposite of Leadership, what I saw was an act of a coward who needed an audience.

Usually my blog is full of inspiration and building people up. What I saw today made me realise that I needed to speak up, to stand in the gap for the victim.


We did end up having such a great day at the conference and the students really enjoyed themselves. The conference was really well done and there were about 1700 primary school students there.

A day full of adventures.

My thought-Be a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Loves and Hugs