Day Eight #marchchallenge2014

Day Eight #marchchallenge2014


I really enjoy my Saturdays, I also am able to have a bit of a sleep in. Yeah!

Saturdays is my Samba day, I am so enjoying my dance class and learning heaps.

Then I went to my hairdressers and had my hair cut, coloured and straightened. Love it!

Tonight I was able to help out at one of the school I work at they were having a fundraiser. It was such a beautiful night. The theme was a bush dance.

I was also able to help sell raffle tickets and glow stick.


I was also the MC (host) for the night, it was so much fun and I with the help of others was able to draw the raffle. The prizes where amazing. I love how the community is so support and generous. Love it.

Then I was able to have a dance and learn a new bush dance.

Sitting back now and feeling so blessed.


Loves and Hugs