Day Ten #marchchallenge2014

Day Ten #marchchallenge2014

Coffees Catch Ups


I love coffee catch ups with friends they are always so inspiring.

People who know me know that I like my coffee in a take away cup. I also like my coffee to be a skinny flat white extra hot. I find this way my coffee stays hot enough for a good long chat with a friend. I will try some new types of coffee this year, I will branch out a little bit.

Today I met up with a friend at a shopping centre for a catch up I hadn’t seen her for a while and it was so great to sit and hear what she has been doing. I love it when you catch up with your friends they are always encouraging and are doing lots of things in their lives.



We sat and chatted for a while and then went shopping.


I was very tempted to buy some new shoes, oh maybe some new boots now that winter is coming. I also love shoes. My other favourite thing that I love looking at is stationary I just love it.

Until next time.

Loves and Hugs