Day Twenty Nine #marchchallenge2014

Day Twenty Nine #marchchallenge2014




I enjoy Saturdays a time to sleep in and then I have my Samba class. Love it.

I have decided that after a few weeks of having lots of things on, that this weekend will be a time of just being home. I want to have time to read some books that I have been wanting to read. The books that I have will help me in my work and it is also research.



I also have some books on leadership and will be looking at styles of writing to help me with my own writing style.



I am really excited for this time, the weather outside is over cast and there has been a little bit of rain. Yeah, perfect conditions for a weekend of reading, writing and being creative.



Time to just chill out a bit.

I am expecting to have a great weekend and looking forward to what I am able to achieve.

Take time for yourself.

Do something that you enjoy.


Enjoy your day.


Loves and Hugs