Day Fourteen #marchchallenge2014

Day Fourteen #marchchallenge2014






I have just arrived home from work it is about 8.30pm. I stayed back at work tonight to enjoy the sundowner that the P&C had organised.  They had organised a band, food and glow sticks, they are amazing.

I love the great community up there, the parents, the teachers can catch while the children run around and play with their friends. Everyone really enjoys themselves and it is a great safe environment.

I am now feeling tired but it’s a great tired. I just love my work and feel really blessed. I am able to meet so many different people. Every day is different for me and I am enjoying the diversity of my role. I have really learnt to just be flexible and go where I am needed.

Everyone needs to feel like they belong and I hope that you are involved in something that you love.

I hope that you are able to share what you are passionate about and to give back to the community.

If we all did one thing for our community what would you do?

Loves and Hugs